Bowling Page

This page lists the various leagues that I have been a part of recently. Previous leagues were over 10 years ago when I used power to scare the pins down. Now that ten years have passed I'm using more finesse to knock down the pins. Actually, wrist and shoulder issues helped facilitate the change. My average has gone up almost 30 pins from those days. Older and wiser is always better. Yes, I'll just keep telling myself that!

Tuesday night bowling isn't as fun as Friday but it's still enjoyable. I didn't realize how much I really missed bowling on a league. St. Edith Stein has a great group of people that all have the same goal, have fun and blow off some steam. I am not a member, nor am I catholic, but friends are friends and they know how to have some good clean fun.


Copperfield Sundowners Summer '09169 Avg. 2009
St. Edith Stein Fall 09/10169 Avg. 2009 2010